Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Galveston Day 2

Tiffani was super smart and made smocks for all the kids to use for when we did crafts.  Caroline's is so big that it makes me laugh, but she seemed to like it.  Today we make flubber and Aubrey actually didn't want anything to do with it, but Caroline had fun pouring the water.  I honestly think the that adults had way more fun than the kids with this activity.

Our second day at the beach was just was fun.  Aubrey was writing letters in the sand, so I decided to write both of the girls' names.  Hahaha...You can see how that went.  :o) While I was taking pictures of Aubrey, I noticed Caroline had climbed onto Rodney and was sitting on him.  She is so silly!

Aubrey playing with her fairy in the water.

below is the view of the home that we stayed in.  We weren't directly on the beach (not that it would have mattered because you had to use the boardwalk), but the board walk was right across the street from our house.

The top photo of Aubrey is one of my favorite.  Such a natural smile.  She is such a beautiful young lady!
After playing at the beach, we backed up and headed to Rainforest Cafe.  Everything seemed great, but after being in the front of the store for about 2 minutes, Aubrey noticed this huge pretend snake.  Said snake sent her over the edge.  So, 9 went in and 4 left within minutes. Ha! At least I don't have to worry about taking Aubrey to the Rainforest Cafe anytime soon.

A view from our balcony looking at the bay of Galveston.  There were many pretty sunsets.

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