Saturday, September 15, 2012


It was a beautiful day for the Grapevine Grapefest.

Aubrey and Gavin playing.  These two have such a fun friendship.  They both play great together and there is NEVER any fighting.  Erin and the gang came over after the carnival and at the end of the night Aubrey asked Gavin for a hug.  He said sure, but he wanted a kiss.  There were two kisses exchanged tonight. Just a little memory for the memory book. :o)

Playing with rocks while the waited for daddy to get some food.

"Mommy, do you hear that?" She was talking about the clock tower.

The first picture is proof that she was wearing shoes, but she took them off and handed them to Rodney and said, "thank you." I guess she decided she didn't need her shoes.

I didn't get a full picture, but this was Aubrey's first roller coaster ride.  I thought I was going to die, but she loved it. 

Caroline to to ride the tea cups.  I was spinning our cup pretty fast and she looked like she was about to blow chunks, but she didn't.  Everyone survived without needing new clothes. :o)

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