Sunday, September 16, 2012

iPhone Dump

left:  Chick-fil-a playdate with a friends.  Best place to send 2 hours of your day. 
Right.  My little princess/photographer.
Top left: Meeting her new teacher before preschool started.
Top right: Helping make cookies
Bottom left: building her "tower" while waiting for the cookies to cook.
Bottom right: This is how we bake. :o)

Top left and Bottom left: Both Gavin and Aubrey watching the cook. 
Top right and Bottom Right: Caroline was more into watching Mickey Mouse on her iPhone. 
Top left and Top right: I had to wake my little girl today.  It is so much fun to document sleeping babies.
Bottom left: Aubrey has a nice little sister who pushes her around the kitchen.
Bottom Right: After nap snack time.
Bottom left: My littlest ladies hand.
Bottom right: My play dough kiwi, egg, raspberry, and waffle with butter.
Top left: Caroline loves having snack time with Aubrey
Top right: Aubrey is wearing clip-on earrings.
Bottom right:  I found this self portrait on my phone. Ha!

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