Friday, May 4, 2012


Poor little Aubrey was just not feeling well yesterday.  It started off with her telling us that her throat hurt and then that turned into a screaming/crying fit about her stomach hurting.  I had already made a 5:45 appointment for her throat, but it ended up turning into a tummy issue appointment.  We made it to the ped's appointment and they thought she had either an appendicitis or her intestines were coiling in on themselves.  The ped sent us to the Cook's emergency room to do an ultrasound.  Poor Aubrey was in so much pain.  They did an x-ray and found that she had a moderate amount of stool (she already pooped twice today) and some large gas bubbles.  They also did a urine test and it confirmed that she had a UTI as well.  She ended up having a ultrasound just to rule out the appendicitis.  I know all the clues for a UTI for Caroline, but just never put together that horrible stomach pain would be Aubrey's clue of a UTI. 
Popsicles outside to help keep Aubrey hydrated. 

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