Saturday, May 5, 2012

iPhone Dump

Here are some pictures from my phone.

1. Aubrey blowing milk bubbles.
2. Caroline climbing into the dishwasher. 
3. Princess Aubrey
1. Caroline actually pushing her push cart.
2. Smile!
1. At one of our favorite parks. Cara wanted my phone. 
2. Aubrey giving me her "cheese" smile.
3. Aubrey watching the ducklings.
4. Caroline eating the stale bread that was for the ducks. :o)
At the Fort Worth Children's Museum
1. Playing in the outdoor water play area. 
2. Caroline playing doctor with the babies.
3. Cara being silly.
4. Doctor Aubrey is in the house.

1. At least Caroline is smiling.
2. Happy Cara.
3. Washing our car.  They have little fire engines that the kids can push to help wash spray the cars with water.
4. Aubrey wanted to have a picnic with daddy in the Target outdoor area.  Ha!
cute Caroline in my sunglasses.  I love the top left image. 

1. Aubrey playing with her play make-up
2. Aubrey decided to paint her own toe nails. 
4. Caroline wearing her patch.  

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