Thursday, May 3, 2012

Urologist Appointment

We had Caroline's urology appointment today.  We did her kidney ultrasound yesterday and then today we found out that she doesn't have any more damage to her kidney's.  After much debating, I decided not to do the low dose of antibiotics.  I discussed this with the doctor and she agreed that it was best not to do the low dose.  If she had damage to her kidneys, then we would be doing the antibiotics, but since she doesn't, it is basically a wash on trying to prevent another UTI with antibiotics or just treating her for a UTI when she gets one.  I'm happy about this because antibiotics cause Caroline to completely stop eating and since she is under weight as it is, we need her to eat. 

After we came home from the urologist, I had to take some pictures of my little cuties. 

She has her daddy's moves.  :o)
I love these girls!

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