Thursday, March 8, 2012

Family Photos 2012

I have been wanting family photos for a few months.  I really wanted fall photos, but Caroline was still in her cast and when she got out she wasn't able to sit on her own.  I really wanted her sitting so I could get some cute pictures.  Well, she is sitting and the weather has been nice, so I decided to get our portraits done.

I love them!  I am actually a very bright and airy photographer, so these portraits are a little different from my style.  I had already looked at their portfolio before hiring them, so I knew what their sytle was and I was excited to see what they would capture. I actually think they go perfectly with my living room.   I did realize that my family is the family that I dread taking pictures of.  Aubrey, who dislikes the camera, was not always willing to participate, Caroline was getting hungry and therefore a little agitated with us, and I was exhausted by the end. Ha! But it was all worth it because I got exactly what I was looking for.  

These are the portraits that I purchased.  I actually only purchased the digital image of the second family photo and two digital images of just Rodney and I.  These images are very low resolution images so that they can't be reproduced and therefore don't look the greatest. 

Such a sweet moment in print, but Aubrey actually pushed Caroline over after this picture was taken.  Sisterly love!
This is my favorite image. 

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