Friday, March 9, 2012

3 Appointments In One Post

These 3 appointments took place in February and the beginning of March.  

The top left is from Caroline's eye appointment for her Nystagmus.  We met with Dr. Stager Jr. in Dallas to discuss her Nystagmus and her future eye surgery. He was a great doctor and Rodney liked him, but his bedside manner left me questioning him.  I have a friend that saw Dr. Stager Sr. and had surgery with him last month, so I made an appointment with Sr. for April.  Jr. isn't a bad doctor, but I just want to make sure we pick the doctor that fits us and Caroline perfectly. 

The bottom left if from her cardiologist appointment.  They did an EKG (that's the wires) and she did as well as one could do with sticky wires all over them.  The nurse ripped them off and Caroline was not happy.  The nurse then tried to do her blood pressure on all four extremities.  Really? She just totally pissed off Caroline and she was going to try and get a good blood pressure reading?  This is not the first time I have been frustrated with her doctor's staff.  The doctor listened to her heart and did determine that her heart murmur has now developed into aortic valve stenosis. This is when the aortic valve does not open fully and decreases blood flow from the heart. Her's borderline and so we are just watching it and will go back in a year for more monitoring. 

The picture on the right is of Caroline at her first endocrinologist appointment.  Caroline is doing great with her growth, but is considered short for our family. We will go back in November and do a bone age study which consist of an x-ray of her hand.  The x-ray will give the doctor info on how her skeleton is growing and will predict when she will reach maturity (bones stop growing) without growth hormones.  This helps them predict the final height for Caroline and for us to take into account the possible need of growth hormones.  

The endo also did a few blood test.  We did another Karotype to see if she has a Y fragment.  If she has this fragment, her ovaries have to be removed because they will most likely produce fast growing cancerous tumors.  They also did a thyroid, lipids, and celiac test.  We should have the results back in a few weeks. 

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