Monday, March 5, 2012

My Heart

My heart absolutely melts for my girls, but this one poses for me and doesn't complain. Ha!

Seriously, how freaking cute is this kiss?  

Today Caroline woke a little bit before Aubrey, so I decided to take a few pictures of her in her shorts.  It seems like I haven't really seen her little naked legs in a while.  Last summer Caroline was in the harness/brace and then was in her spica cast for 3 months.  By the time she got out of the cast, it was fall and cold.  But now it is warm and she can wear shorts.  Boy I am loving those little legs.   

I also love watching her mack on her little babies.  She just loves those babies. When we go down the doll isle at the store, she reaches for the dolls and says "dall".

P.S. I made her little headband. Isn't cute?

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