Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Silly Girl

 I got Aubrey & Caroline some mac and cheese made from quoina.  Quoina is a protein rich grain that is gluten free. The girls love mac and cheese so through it would be a healthier version for them.   It wasn't horrible, but the texture was different and the "cheese" had a little kick to it.  It was not a great substitution for Kraft. Caroline ate about 1/4 of the mac & cheese, but Aubrey took one bite, pushed her plate away and said, "I want new macaroni and cheese!"  Lol! 

I love that when she goes poop she always says, "mommy, I go poo poo!" She will say this at home or in a public bathroom.  

Aubrey was playing with her puzzle in the playroom and Rodney heard her say, "Sorry Cara but I can't play with you right now."

Caroline is a BIG screamer these days and I am sure Aubrey gets frustrated with it.  Aubrey use to yell at her and would tell her to be quiet.  I started correcting her and telling her to be nicer and to not yell at her sister.  She now will say,"Shh!" and if Caroline gets louder or screams more, she will just make her "shh" louder and longer.

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