Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Caroline Bella

As I typed my Facebook status today, "19 months ago we were told that our little baby had only a 10% chance of making it to term. Here's to a very emotional, yet happy 1st birthday to my littlest lady! I can't believe I have a toddler" I got teary-eyedActually, I am teary-eyed right now.  I just can't believe how much we have all grown over this past year just because you came into our lives.  Yes, this year has been full of emotional moments, but those moments have made us (and you) stronger and more able to tackle lifes challenges. 

You are a remarkable and beautiful little lady.  You are determined to get what you want and let yourself be know.  Your personality is a hoot and you make us all laugh everyday.  I have enjoyed watching you grow this past year and can't wait to see you grow this year and for many more years.  This is your last monthly post, so I will leave you with a few things you did this month:
  • You can say "dada", "hi", "dog" or "daaag", and I swear you say "hey" all the time.   You have said mama, but you don't say it much.  Aubrey never said mama until I was in the hospital to have you, so maybe I should get pregnant and have another kid. Ha! 
  • You love to feed yourself.  You are eating mostly finger foods.  You love Eggos & yogurt in the morning.  Your favorite is oranges.  You like chicken noodle soup (without the water), spaghetti o's, peas, grilled cheese, strawberries, and other finger foods.  
  • You take only one nap a day. This is my favorite milestone.  
  • You drink whole milk, so no more buying formula. 
  • You drink from a sippy cup most of the day, but do like your bottle. You actually think you are too cool to hold either the bottle or the sippy, so we are working on you holding your own drinks.  
  • You got tubes in your ears.  You seem so much happier.  
  • You scoot backwards in your spica cast and your legs do the splits.  
  • You love to do baby push ups.  You have amazing upper body strength.  
  • You love to try and sit, but your cast is rounded at the bottom and there is no way for you to balance. 
  • When I put you on your back, you try really hard to crunch your tummy.  I am assuming you are wanting to sit.  I hope this is so because you will love sitting and it will change our lives.  I can't wait to see you sit.  
We love you sweetie,
Mommy and Daddy xoxox

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