Saturday, November 12, 2011

Caroline's 1st Birthday Party!

What a great 1st birthday!!  Caroline was in such a good mood today and had a blast.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures of her friends at the party, but the only time I took pictures was when Caroline was in her spica eating lunch or having her cupcake.

Our little family of 4 on such a happy day.  Aubrey had fun inviting all of Caroline's guest inside.  She would say, "Hi friends, come inside!" She is the little hostess with the mostess. Ha! 
Caroline's party decorations.  Here is Caroline eating her birthday breakfast (eggos) and her lunch.  She was so confused as to why she was eating a meal in her spica chair. 

I would love to know what she was really thinking.  lol!
Aubrey helped Caroline blow out her candle.
Caroline having her first taste of cake.  Unsure of it at first, but then she ended up eating two.  :O)
I hadn't handed out the cupcakes to the other kids at this point and Aubrey couldn't wait for her cupcake.  At least Caroline is nice enough to share.
The funny part about his picture is that Caroline was so tickled that Rodney was sitting next to her.  She would look at me and then look at Rodney and start laughing and smiling.  She wasn't a fan of Rodney's from 3 weeks -7 months, but she loves her some daddy these days. 
I love this little girl!!

A messy, yet happy Caroline.

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