Friday, November 11, 2011


My attempt to get outdoor pictures of Caroline on her birthday was an epic failure.  Caroline hates grass and just wasn't in a happy mood.  She can't be smiley all the time. 

Aubrey on the other hand had fun running around and chased a few butterflies.  She is getting better a posing or sitting still, but still has a hard time realizing she is supposed to look at the camera and smile.  At least she is listening better.  :o)

While taking Caroline's pictures, Aubrey let me take a few of her.  I should check her temperature because something is wrong with her if she is letting me take pictures. 
 These brown eyes are killing me! She uses them to get what she wants.  Need to remember that these brown eyes are not always used for good.  Ha!
 When I was done making the frosting for Caroline's cupcakes, Aubrey got to lick the beater blade.  She was in heaven.

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