Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Final Day in Spica Cast

Notice the last raindrop on the rainbow?  This is hopefully Caroline's last day in her spica cast.  Such a wonderful day!

Aubrey loves to help me dry Caroline in between diaper changes, so I thought I would finally document her chore on her last day of service.  She is such a big helper these days.  Caroline LOVES to have her bottom cooled.  I hope she realizes this isn't a "normal" part of diaper changes. 

 I had a 6 balloons left from Caroline's party, so I decided to take Caroline outside and take a few photos.  My plan was to do some with her in her nice dress and then some with her in just the spica cast and pearls.  I wanted to document her cuteness in her cast.  My plans was going okay until she feel out of the chair and into the grass.  I felt horrible and stopped taking pictures.  :o(  

Where is Caroline?

My little cutie! 

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