Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bye, Bye Spica Cast :o)

I have been looking forward to this day for 3 months.  I so want to smack baby butt, pinch thighs, pick her up from under her arms, and just feel her cute, little body. However, I was hesitant come this morning.  I brought her Rhino Cruiser in case they needed, but didn't remove the Hippo carseat from the car.  I was afraid that if I removed it, I would be jinxing her cast removal. I know it is silly to think like that, but I did.

Without family in town, we packed up the whole family and headed to Scottish Rite.  Aubrey did so good for getting up at 6:00.  Caroline was a model patient again this time.  She was sedated in order to do the arthrogram and to make sure her ligaments were tight.  She is still slightly loose, but it isn't serious.  Dr. Birch actually thinks her looseness might be her norm for both hips.  He did mention that most kids get stiff in the spica, but apparently Caroline did not.  I guess stiffness would help the hip ligaments get tighter.  Her socket is nice and round which is a huge improvement from how it was prior to the cast.  She is free during the day, but will be in the Rhino Cruiser at night until the age of 2. I am actually fine with this because she has been restrained at night since she was 4 months old, so she is use to it.  

Here is my little lady abusing me before surgery. 

I love this happy little girl. xoxo

She was 10 minutes into her Versed and a very happy, yet sleepy, baby.
They had little televisions, so Aubrey was in heaven.

Rodney took Aubrey down to get popcorn at 7:30 in the morning. Popcorn was her breakfast. Rodney said that he gave her a quarter and told her she could get popcorn.  She walked up to the gentlemen selling the popcorn, slapped her quarter onto the tray, and said, "I want popcorn please!" She then proceeded to tell people in the elevator that she got popcorn and all about her popcorn.  I am not joking when I say this girl is obsessed with popcorn. She ate two bags.  Ha!
Doesn't this picture just break your heart.  Poor thing.  She was super cold, so they bundled her up.  She woke up about 5-10 minutes after I took this and ripped off the blanket around her head and insisted on some mommy time. 
So sweet and innocent!
Look at that smile!  This was taken about 10 minutes after coming home.  She army crawled all the way from the middle of the carpet to the breakfast area in the kitchen.  She has never left the carpet before, so a big milestone for Caroline. :o)

Her skin was in perfect condition.  The thighs were a little dry, but nothing like how her legs were 6 weeks ago.  I can't believe how chubby her thighs are! Look at that flower butt!  So. Stinking. Cute!! 

Notice how flexible my child is in the bottom right picture.  She had her head almost touching her right foot.  When she scoots backwards, she makes a perfect T with her legs and torso.  

They didn't give her a bath when they removed the cast.  How did we know this?  We noticed she smelled horrible when we got home.  The cast did a great job hiding the odors. 
She was so excited to get in the water.  I only let her bathe for about 10 minutes because I didn't want her skin to get to irritated.  She was a little upset when she had to get out.  
She also sat and rode around in the little car. 

We are so happy today! Thank you all for your thoughts and prays for our littlest lady!

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