Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Normal!

Two days after the cast removal and I feel like life is getting back to some type of normal.  Our normal is definitely different than others, but it is nice to have our normal back.  

Caroline has been on a roll these past two days.  She started off by army crawling when we first came home from the hospital and hasn't really stopped.  In the pictures below, I put her in the playroom and she crawled out into the entry way looking for me.  She has gotten up on her knees about 5 times now.  She is still working on building back her stomach muscles.  She is now wearing actual pj's and they are size 18 months!!  Thankfully I got these out of Aubrey's old clothes earlier this week.  She is starting to bear weight on her legs which is something she hasn't done since she was 4 months old.  It is really eye opening how certain circumstances really make you take in the small things and really cherish something as simple as army crawling. 

Aubrey had a lolly pop this morning and thought it would be nice to share with Caroline. I had to explain that it is nice to share, but little sisters can't have lolly pops. She let her lick the lolly pop instead. :o)

Aubrey playing with Caroline.  She brought Caroline her magnetic dressing doll set, but mommy had to pay close attention since there are tiny shoes and hair pieces in the set.  I love seeing my girls' play together.
My dancing diva.
Did she get these moves from daddy? lol!

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