Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spica Cast Change-6.5 Weeks

Caroline got her 6 week spica cast change today.  Of course she did great and was a super happy baby prior to going into surgery.  They did the arthrogram (contrast dye in her hip) and her ligaments are tightening up just as they would like.  She came out in a sporty purple cast that stops just above her knees. Doctor Birch is predicting that she will only be in the cast for 6 more weeks.  Yay!  She will be put under general anesthesia for her cast removal, so they can do another arthrogram and make sure her ligaments are tight and correct.  If they are not tight(er), they will put on another cast and she will have another 6 weeks.  He doesn't think this will happen, but you never know.  

We are excited about only having 6 more weeks left.  Caroline is excited about having her legs back.  She hits her knees in amazement that her legs are back.  When we put her on the ground, she does move a lot more.  I am so happy to be able to rub her legs and see them kick in happiness.  :o)  

Here is little lady after we got home.  She was all over the place.  Notice the very dry and scaly legs.  :o(   Most of it is gone, but the dry patches on her knees and thighs are still there.  We have to let it come off naturally and can't scrub.  Scrubbing will cause sores since her skin is sensitive. 

I didn't really notice while we were at the hospital, but can you see the purple ring around the middle part of her leg? Her cast actually stopped where the indentation is at, but I wonder if the cast started getting tight right above where the cast stopped?  

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