Monday, October 3, 2011

6 weeks...

6 weeks already?  Time sure is chugging along. Caroline has been a champ during these past 6 weeks.  I am not saying this cast is easy or not a problem, but it is manageable and we do still live life.  I have had to adjust the way I comfort her, feed her, change her, but not the way I love her.  6 weeks ago I thought I would never leave my house, yet I run errands, go to the park, have playdates, and shop at Wal-mart.  A cashier at Wal-mart was asking me about the cast this past week and I found myself telling her that it isn't as bad as it looks.  I am amazed that I even uddered those words. It isn't easy, and it is freaking intimidating to outsiders, but it is a "normal" part of our lives.   This is our spica season, and we WILL make the best of these weeks, no matter how many weeks she is in it. 

On Wednesday we will be heading back to Scottish Rite for her cast change.  We are hoping for tighter ligaments,  a shorter cast on her little legs, and only 6 more weeks in a cast.  

Little Miss demanded a snack after modeling for me.  Such a hard life. :o)

Aubrey woke from her nap while I was taking Caroline's pictures.  She willingly got in the rocker and gave me such a pretty smile.  I love this little lady. 

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