Thursday, October 6, 2011

Final Day

Gama and Pop had to leave today.  We are so happy they came to help.  It is so nice having two sets of parents that are willing to take turns caring for our little precious munchkins.  Since sweet Caroline didn't make it into the picture during the G'parents' last visit, I made sure she made it into this visits picture. 
Funny I need to jot down so I don't forget:
After going to Toys-r-us and looking at cars, Rodney dropped me and Caroline at home and Rodney, his parents, and Aubrey all went to Wal-mart together.  After shopping, they walked over to the toys where Aubrey saw an F-150 power wheels.  She apparently looked at Rodney and said, "Dad, I want this car!" When dad didn't respond, Gama came around the corner and Aubrey said, "Gama, I want THIS car!" Gama turned away and giggled.  Pop came right behind and Aubrey said, "Pop, I want this car!"  hahaha...Apparently there was one sad little girl in a shopping cart when she realized that non of her people were going to get her "this" car.  

After taking Pop and Gama to the airport and then heading back to Scottish Rite for some cast corrections, we made it back home and I asked Aubrey what was her favorite thing she did with Pop.  She said, "Pop go to playroom and play kitchen and make coffee."  

I also asked her where did Pop and Gama go?  "They go to airport, get on plane, and go home." I love she understands how they get here and how they leave.  She is growing up so fast. 

When you are the picture taker, you don't get to join the family photo.  :o( 
Enjoying her Popsicle while playing outside with Pop.
I think Aubrey has some crazy allergies because that nose has not stopped running for weeks.  Poor thing. 
Gama and Pop got Aubrey this Hello Kitty backpack. 
She got this cool sea life camera from the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine.  We all thought the aquarium was cool, but maybe a little over priced. 
Aubrey could sit and read books all day.  :o)

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