Friday, October 7, 2011

Stations for Spica Cast

Here is a collection of the Spica activity stations we have created. You might have seen some of theses in separate post, but I wanted one post of all the stations so that I can reference them to people if needed activity ideas. 

The Minui HandySitt is the best highchair for a Spica cast.  Not only does it attach to any chair and is portable, but you can also purchase the connecting legs and it morphs into a kids floor chair.  I think it is pretty genius and I am so thankful for a fellow hip-momma for posting this on their blog.  I debated on getting it for a few weeks and then realized it would be great for the Spica cast and when she is out.  Plus, when she is all done with using it as a highchair, the girls can use it as a floor chair.  Multiple purposes equals a perfect purchase. 

The bear in the top right is Aubrey's Spica cast bear that was provided to us by Scottish Rite.
Rodney got a small dog bed to use on the island as a place to put Caroline if needed.  I can put her here if she is on her back, but if she is on her tummy, she moves and slides around the island.  She is safe on her back but not on her tummy. 

Rodney cut a regular infant swing to make it fit Caroline.  We had to wrap the bar by her feet with Duck tape, so I decided to Duck tape the entire swing. I think the chair is very styling now.  :o)
Caroline's Ivy Rose Spica chair.  It is the Jelly Bean shape and came unpainted.  LOVE it and I think it is a total must!!
Rodney and his dad made Caroline an awesome scooter board.  Caroline likes it and moves back and forth on it.  Aubrey likes to  "roller skate" around the house. 

Again, Rodney and his dad rigged a wagon to be a moveable play center.  They put hocks in the inside corners of the wagon to attach the play gym.  Rodney added pillows to each side of the bath seat to keep her toys within reach.  Caroline likes riding in it and it is a sanity saver while I am shower in the mornings.

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  1. Do you have any tutorials for any of the stations that you guys modified yourselves?