Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great Grand Parents

Rodney's Pap and Nena came to visit this weekend.  It took Aubrey about 30 minutes to warm up after her nap, but once Pap did a "magic trick" with a coin, she was all about "Pop."  Nena and Pap made Aubrey's day by getting her a lady bug ball.  
It took Caroline a few minutes to warm up to Nena, but once she got use to her, Caroline started complaining when Nena would leave her side.
For stomach expansion, Caroline's cast is kind of shaped like a "U" in the front.  Because of this shape, it creates a nice pivot point for Caroline to turn.  Basically Caroline lifts up her legs and then turns around by using her pivot.  She showed off this cool trick for the great g'parents at the table tonight.  Caroline was all laughs and had a blast.  Nena and Pap had a blast watching her do her trick for them. 
I got two cute shots of Aubrey sitting in Pap's lap after getting out of bed.  It was almost like she knew I would let her hang out at the table with the adults (that makes me feel old saying that) if she showed her "Pop" some love.
Poor Aubrey was so sad to see them leave.  She kept saying, "Pop, come to the playroom" before they left.  This was the best picture I could get.  After waking at 5:45, Aubrey really wasn't in the most pleasant mood for the camera.  Oh well, I am just happy that I documented the girls with their Nena and Pap. 

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