Thursday, September 8, 2011

Scottish Rite--Spica 2.5 Week CT Scan

The whole family ventured to Scottish Rite today for Caroline's CT scan.  Rodney took a half day at work because I wasn't sure how long the CT would last and if Aubrey would be allowed in the room.  While we did the CT, Aubrey and Rodney played at the Scottish Rite park.

Caroline did so great during the CT scan!  They basically held her arms over her chest with a towel and a heavy weight blanket.  I thought she would freak, but as long as I was singing to her, she was super content.  The CT took about 10 minutes.  We then saw the doctor and everything looks good.  The only thing they can evaluate from the CT is whether or not her hips are still in the socket.  They are still were they are supposed to be.  On October 5th, we will know more about how long she will be in the cast.  I honestly feel that she will be in it for 18 weeks and not 12, but that is just a feeling.  Maybe I am trying to prevent myself from being disappointed.  

Here is Aubrey playing with some rice.  I perfect outdoor activity. 

Rice play

A cute story I want to remember:
When we arrived, I gave Aubrey a quarter and placed it in her pocket.  I told her that if she was good for daddy, she could get popcorn when she was done with the park.  Scottish Rite sells popcorn, but I have never got any for her.  She was excited and reminded daddy about her popcorn when she entered the hospital.  According to Rodney, she went up to the popcorn booth, reached into her pocket and said, "I can't reach it!"  I was so proud that she remembered that she had her quarter in her pocket. Rodney helped her retrieve the quarter and she placed it in the tray.  She was so happy to have the popcorn. 

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