Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy 10 Month Birthday, Caroline Bella

Caroline, I just can't believe that you are two short months from turning one. Pretty soon you will be out of your Spica cast and running around our house, but for now I am savoring you as an infant and taking in all your cuteness.  This month you:
  1.  Started true army crawling the week before getting your cast (I knew this was going to happen).
  2. Got a Spica cast for Hip Dysplasia
  3. Had your first surgery
  4. Rolled from belly to back in your cast
  5. Started eating more finger foods.  Your favorite is french fries and veggie sticks. 
  6. Got 4 more teeth for a total of 6 teeth.   
  7. Started eating meat and very textured purees
  8. Started eating foods with gluten and things seem okay (knock on wood)

Looking at these pictures, one would never know that you are wearing a cast under that dress.  You are just so happy and chill these days. You make our hearts so happy with your relaxed personality in such a not-so-fun time. 

Caroline, it is getting so much harder to take monthly pictures of you.  You army crawled about 5 feet.  I kept dragging you back to your spot and you kept army crawling towards me.  I guess the cast isn't going to stand in your way. 

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