Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 5 in Spica

This little cutie now has two teeth on top and two more teeth next to her current bottom teeth.  She now has a total of 6 teeth and this is 6 more teeth than Aubrey had at this age.  I asked Caroline to show me her teeth and the top left picture is the face she made. Hahaha...I heart her. 

I never thought I would become an expert at diapering a small child in a Spica cast, but I have!  I have a process and it has been working great, until this mornings morning nap when urine escaped from the top of her cast.  Ugh!!  Thankfully the cast is lined in Gore-Tex, but the moleskin "petaling" around the cast got soaked.  I was planning on removing the white moleskin that the hospital had used because it was coming off from the inside of the cast and getting stuck to her torso.  I was scared to remove it because it was really stuck to the Gore-Tex lining and I didn't want to rip a hole in the lining.  However, now that it was socked with urine, I wasn't going to leave it.  It took about 30 minutes to remove the old moleskin, petaling with waterproof tape, and then re-petal with new moleskin.  Not to bad for our first attempt at re-petaling after a urine mishap.  Hopefully this will be our one and only, but I am thinking we won't get that lucky.  

Someone doesn't look happy to be wearing a princess crown.  I think I am going to decrown her and make Caroline the official princess since she smiles.  :o) 

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