Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recap---Day 1 of Week 1 in Spica Cast


(These were taken right before and right after her surgery) 

 I thought I would write what happened during Caroline's first day in the Spica cast since I already wrote about our hospital adventures earlier in the week.

Caroline got to leave and go home at 3:30pm on Monday.  Since there was no cutting of her tendons, she was lucky to leave on the same day as her surgery. She was fitted for her Hippo carseat while in the, so we loaded the car with her new ride and headed home to start our adventures of caring for our precious  littlest girl.

We (Rodney and his dad) feverishly made a few activity areas for Caroline to play at and for me to place her so I could have some hands free time.  Don't get me wrong, I love carrying her around, but I can see how moms develop a callus on their hips.  This cast his HARD and it HURTS after it rest on your hips for a while.  

Caroline did okay once we were home.  She had not slept since waking from anestisha at 12:00, so she was rather over-tired by 7:00.  Everyone left to go and get supplies and I managed to prepare Caroline for what I anticipated to be a long night ahead.  She screamed during her diaper change before bed.  I had a hard time stuffing her diaper in the front of the cast because the space between the cast and her stomach is rather small.  Her scream became hysterical and I became emotional.  How can you not get emotional with your littlest lady is hurting and there is nothing you can do about it, but keep trucking along and get that diaper in the cast?  I got her calm, gave her meds, and rocked her to sleep. She woke at 10:00 for meds and a small bottle and then did not wake until 8:00am the next morning.  I was so happy that both of us got good sleep.

So our first day and night went better than I could have ever expected.  :o)

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