Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scooter Board, Rain Boots, and Tampoline

We have been pretty busy around the house lately.  Rodney and his dad made Caroline a scooter board for her to use with the Spica cast.  She loves it and is really getting the hang of it.  She stayed on it today for about 20 minutes before she started fussing.  Although she is getting so good at army crawling with the Spica, this is just fun for her to move faster and without all the weight to drag behind herself. Here are some cute things to do while on your scooter:
Smile till your cheeks hurt. 
 Pose and touch the floor with your toe.
 Put your head down and roll yourself back and forth. 
 Gaze out the window while pondering a deep thought. 
 Look super cute so your mom and daddy will say "ahhhh..."
 Lick or chew on your scooter while you scoot back and forth. 
I am going to write later this week about all her activity stations. 

Aubrey picked out some rain boots at Target today.  They are so cool to her and she just can't wait for it to rain so she can play in the rain with them. There is a 30% chance of rain towards the end of the week.  :o)
Someone may have been between changes of clothing in this picture.
Aubrey is loving the trampoline that Gamma and Pop got her for her belated birthday.  Since Caroline can't be outside until it gets MUCH cooler (107 is not cool), Rodney allowed the pretty big trampoline up in his man cave.  Isn't that nice of him to share his space?  She is up there jumping at least once a day.  Caroline and Conan hang by the window and watch all the happenings on the street.

Caroline is OBSESSED with pulling hair.  She actually got a hold of Aubrey's hair tonight at dinner and gave it a nice tug that resulted in a very upset Aubrey.  I can't blame Aubrey for crying because there are many times I want to cry when Caroline gets a hold of my hair.  Here is Caroline army crawling to attack Aubrey's hair.  Ha!  Whatever gets Caroline moving works for me, but I am sure Aubrey would disagree.

There is nothing better than seeing a baby smile with drool, spit-up and food on their face. A true picture of a happy baby.

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