Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Beginning

July 13, 2011 will be our 10 year anniversary.  I am doing a blog post every day for each year of marriage.  I am doing this a little for Rodney, me and family, but mostly so the girls know how it started and how we got to 10 years.  I am writing these post to the girls since this is mainly their memory book. 
Aubrey and Caroline, these are your parents. Ha!!  Yes, we were young and romantic at one time.  We actual met back in the early 90's while both your grandfathers' were stationed in Hawaii.  The moment I met your dad, I was infatuated.  I say that because I was only 9. Your dad had NO interested in me as he was 14 and way to cool for a 9 year old.  Ha!  
When I turned 18, I finally made my move...I asked your dad on a date.  He said, "yes, I give anyone a chance." Really?  I fell for that? Ugh, I was in love.  :-) 

We dated.

Yes, as scary as it might look, these are your parents. 
We got engaged on December 24th, 2000. We had a nice dinner at Olive Garden with both sets of family.  

We went on a fun vacation in the Spring of 2001 to Disney with your dad's parents.

We were origianlly scheduled to get married on November 3rd, but your dad got laid off.  Your dad got a new job in Orlando, so we moved up the wedding to July 13th.  Here is your dad buying his first new car before he moved to Orlando.  He moved 1 month before our wedding. That computer looks old 10 years later and I can only imagine what it will look like to you girls when you read this in your memory book.  Ha!

Here is your dad's truck.
Your grandparents looks thrilled because they helped your dad move to Orlando and get the apartment settled while your dad started his new job.  Such nice parents.

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