Friday, July 1, 2011


Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) has been coming to the house for about a month now.  Caroline is not behind, but since she has an automatic qualifier (Turner's) she gets into the program.  We have to pay $125.00 per month, so I elect to have as many services as we can. We currently have an Occupational Therapist (OT), Developmental Therapist, Nutritionist, and Nurse that come out every two weeks.  We basically have 2 appointments with ECI every week.  She is currently being evaluated by the Visual Intervention (VI) team thru Keller ISD because of her Nystagmus.  If she qualifies for services thru them, which she most likely will, then we won't have to pay the $125.00 per month for ECI and we will get all services for free.  

I love the OT!  She gives me great pointers and tips to help Caroline reach all her goals.  After practicing a goal with OT, Caroline usually has gained the skill by the OT's next appointment.  :o)

For about 4 + weeks, Caroline hovered around 15lb even.  I mentioned that the GI's nutritionist  wanted to change formulas and then add calories.  I didn't want to change because I felt like it wasn't the correct change and it wasn't the least restrictive.  We met with the ECI nutritionist 2 weeks ago, discussed Caroline's lack of weight gain and decided to keep her on the same formula, but just add a few extra calories to her bottle.  So we is getting an extra 2 calories per oz of food (22 calories instead of 20 calories) with make for 10 extra calories per bottle.  

I am happy to report that after two weeks of doing the additional calories, Caroline gained 7oz!  She went from 15.4lbs to 15.11lbs.  Yay!!!! I was so happy to see those oz go up.  Now we know that it is a calories issue and not a formula problem.  See...the least restrictive approach worked.  I am not always right, but I just want doctors to change a small thing before they change something that would have a much greater impact on her.

Yes, I was able to put a little clip in her hair. Rodney asked if I have suction cupped it to her head.  hehe!

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