Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our 1st Year--Count Down to 10 Years

Our First Year!

July 13, 2001.  Memories!  This just so happened to be Friday the 13th which in our family is a lucky number.  Don't we look so young?  We had a fabulous wedding that included a few close friends, family and our limo driver.  Ha!  In total we had about 15 people. 

Our first apartment!  This was a brand new apartment and awesome to me and your dad.  Everything in our apartment was handed down from either my parents or your dad's parents. 

I loved my kitchen!

We went to Sea World.
Universal Studios
We made our first trip home to see both set of parents.  Your dad wanted to save money, so he turned off the breaker but didn't realize that this particular breaker was connected to our refrigerator   We came home to a mess oozing out of the freezer and refrigerator.
Our first Christmas/tree.  Ha!  Love this picture.

I baked a Santa bread.  lol

Your dad got me a pretty ring, but stuck it in a bottle of dish soap. 
I got my first new car and your dad's second.  I wrote a check for $5,000.00 for our down payment. 
Your dad lined up our cars.  Almost 10 years later and that car still looks good (in the picture).
We took our first vacation to Nevada for Demaline reunion.  I enjoyed it, but will never sleep in an A frame cabin again!

We celebrated our first anniversary with a trip back to P'cola.  We took photos in the exact same spot as our wedding photos.
The elusive lighthouse.  I have always wanted to go inside and to the top, but it is always closed, so we took pictures next to a smaller version.  

We finished off our day by eating a piece of our frozen wedding cake. 

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