Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Big Girls

I had visions of doing a really fun birthday shoot for Caroline, but the wind was crazy so my plans got dashed.  I decided to take the girls to the Grapevine train station and let them have fun. Both girls had fun and did great, but Aubrey was the star today.  She smiled and gave me several photos that will be printed.  

Taking pictures of a walking Caroline is a little harder because she just doesn't want to sit sill, but that okay because I can improvise and still get some cute shots.
Sometimes I contain her, but that doesn't make her as happy. Ha!

I pose her, get back to my spot, and she is walking towards me.  I'm so not complaining because I would rather deal with a walking Caroline than a crawling Caroline.  I am so thankful for those little two legs to be walking.
Caroline LOVES to kiss her big sister and her big sister loves to kiss her.  One of my favorite shots.  This is a posed shot and I did ask her to kiss Caroline, but she willing gives Caroline a hug and kiss every time I drop her off and pick her up from school. 
When I was pregnant with Caroline and we were going through all the unknown of my pregnancy with her, this is the type of moment I had running through my head.  I wanted Aubrey to have a sibling and I think God gave her the perfect little sibling.  Yes, they fight over the same toys, but they really do get along and enjoy each other.  They make my mommy heart happy.

Here are some of my favorite photos that Aubrey took today.

Even with the wind-blown hair,  I still love this photo.

One of my favorites
I love this one.  Just a simple, sweet smile.  She melts my hear with her kind heart.  Sometimes I tell her, "You are my sweetheart" and she tell me, "you are my sweet mommy." She is a sweetie.

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