Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Caroline!

Sweet Caroline, I just can't believe that you are 2 years old.  You have been though so much in your 2 years of life, yet we can see you coming into yourself.  No one will every disagree that you are a strong willed child, but you are probably one of the sweetest little girls around.  You are probably the most maternal little girl and love to hug, kiss, and mother all twenty of your little babies. You love cars, making us laugh, and copying your sister (Aba).  You love to be rocked after you wake from naps and up until 2 months ago, you loved to have me rock you before bed; however, you are a big girl now, and love to read books in Aubrey's bed while you sit in Daddy's lap.  I think this is Daddy's favorite part of the day because one book time is over, you turn around and snuggle with Daddy while we sing songs.  You started walking at 22 months and you have not let anything stand in your way.  We love watching you get around and discover your world in a different way. 

We are so excited to see what this year has in store for you and our little family.  You are our little sunshine and we love your dearly!

Mommy and Daddy

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