Sunday, August 26, 2012


Caroline is all about pushing her cart or cars around the house. She has even gotten to the point where she seeks out her carts just so she can follow me around the house. She is super fast and even likes to chase us.

Aubrey loved having the Rubbermaid containers in the living room.  She climbed on them and even used them as her iPad station. 

Such a happy girl
Aubrey loves to run around the house and play with her favorite furry, four legged friend.
I caught her reading one of the books she got from Chick-fil-a.
She loves books almost as much as she loves her baby dolls.

She is still loving the sleeping bag that Pop and Gama got her.  However, try explaining to her that she doesn't need to nap in it because her room is the hotest room in the house and it is over 100 degrees outside.  She is one determined little girl.

Aubrey made steps with her toy bins so she could get her creapy doll head down from her dressing cabinet.

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