Saturday, July 7, 2012

iPhone Dump

My girls love Sam's club and Kincaids!
A few weeks back we met our friends at the Dallas Zoo.  I love this zoo and it barely had anyone there.  It was perfect for a week day event. At one point Aubrey went into the bird exhibit.  You can feed them a sweet nectar from a cup.  All was going great until one of the birds landed on Aubrey's head.  She FREAKED and has since told me that she doesn't like the zoo because the bird tired to attack her. 

Caroline loves chick-fil-a because of the yummy ice cream.  She eats the entire container of soft serve.  We also took the girls back to the Blue Hanger so they could have lunch and watch the airplanes. 

Aubrey likes for Rodney to dance with her in the mornings. Too cute! Here is Caroline's first time in the shopping cart car.  I have tried to get her to sit in it before, but today was the first time was has a willing participant.
Daddy wasn't paying attention to someone while they ate. Ha! I promised Aubrey that I would get her some wild sunflowers, so we went on a hunt for some.

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