Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Day

This little girl is now in love with the play kitchen.  She actually play by herself for 15-20 minutes.  This is huge because Caroline has never been one to play with manufactured toys.  Most of the time she prefers are homemade toys or containers.

I made a fine motor toy for Caroline.  I cut a hole in the top of the Rubbermaid container for Caroline to push pom poms though.  Of course, Aubrey loves this toy just that much as Caroline.  Aubrey also got to make a caterpillar.  She did so good putting just the right amount of glue on her pom poms.
Caroline loves her push cart.  I took it outside and she was so excited to push it in the grass.  She might have been a little upset when it wasn't as easy to turn in the grass. Ha! Our neighbor has two boys that are now older, so they brought over his riding toy for Aubrey.  Such a nice thing for them to do.
I showed Rodney this picture of Caroline on the half-height wall and he said, "She can climb onto the couch, scale the couch, and get on top of the half-height wall, but she can't walk?!?!" Ha! 

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