Tuesday, April 10, 2012

UTI #2

After Caroline seeming a little different last night and then waking this morning with a 100.5 temp, I decided to take her to see her doctor.  After her first UTI (2 weeks ago), they mentioned doing a recheck of her urine by using a bag which attaches to her to collect the pee.  Great, but I tried it twice and it was a fail and all the pee went past the bag and into the diaper.  So, I thought the doctor would just to the bag while we were there, but since I suspect that she had a new UTI, they had to do another catheter.  I was devastated.  I was really unsure if she had a second UTI and just really wanted it ruled out.  However, the doctor explained that if they found any white blood cells in her urine, they would have to do the catheter anyways.  I was so sad and got a little emotional, but in the end I decided that the catheter was the better option.  It is quicker and more reliable. 

Now that she had had her second UTI in 3 weeks, we are doing another kidney ultrasound in 2 weeks to check for any additional damage to her kidneys'. They also want to start her on a low dose of antibiotics to keep her from getting recurrent UTIs.  This is normal for girls with TS, but I am not so sure about it.  We are supposed to start the low dose next Thursday and will do so until we see the urologist, but I will ask about us doing something different and not using antibiotics.  

While doing the catheter, Aubrey got to color at the nurses station.  She was in heaven and said she had so much fun.  Glad she had fun, but I think Caroline would disagree.  

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