Sunday, March 18, 2012


I turned around and found Caroline giggling and Holly licking her hands.  I could have stopped it, but I decided to take pictures because that is way more fun.  :o)

It only took 16 months, but look who found the water bowl.
Rodney's Nena gave Aubrey a Mickey Mouse doll when she was one and now Aubrey loves her Mickey Mouse (Monkey Do) and won't sleep without him and hates for friends to touch him.  I found a Mini Mouse doll at Target and got it for Caroline.  Caroline LOVES her.  It is so cute to watch her kiss her and hug her.  She is such a good mommy!  I accidentally gave Mini Mouse to Aubrey during one of her naps this week and she said, "No mommy, that is Caroline's Mini Mouse!" 

All I want in the world if for this stinker of a three year old to look at my silly camera and give me a smile.  At least she looks cute sitting in her chair.  P.S- I had to buy Aubrey all new shirts so that she doesn't look like a redneck with her belly showing.  This is a 5T. :o( I guess I have been in denial about her getting bigger because it took me a while to realize that belly shirts weren't really for 3 year olds. :o)
Meditating or refusing to look or smile at me.  Either way, I love this girl!

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