Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random Pictures

Sometimes you have to be silly with your little lady.
My favorite two ladies.  
Aubrey went to her friend Tyler's 3rd birthday party.  She FREAKED when I brought her here when she was 13-15ish months.  The bounce house that all the kiddos are sitting on is actually a large Batman and that was what she was afraid of.  This time she was a little timid of him, but had fun anyways. 
Here are some pictures of when we picked up Gama and Pop from the airport & eating dinner. 
 This picture was on Rodney's phone, so I had to steal it from him.  This is Caroline right after getting her cast change.  Sweet little baby. 
Here is Caroline before surgery.  The bottom right is a picture of the sore I found the day after surgery.  This is just a small part of it that is visible.  The other part is under the cast.  I put some peroxide on it and it seemed to dry it out. Bottom right is a happy Caroline only 2 hours after surgery.  Such a happy baby.
 Eating dinner with Grandma.
Ever since getting her tubes in her ears, Caroline has been an eating machine.  She eats about anything I put in front of her.  Her favorite is oranges, so I now give them to her at the very end of her meal.  I also still finish with a jar of high fat baby food since she has not really gained any weight in the past 3 months.  Sometimes she will eat the jar and sometimes she only takes a few bites.  Seeing her eat her food makes me so happy.  I feel like her eating is now one less thing I need to worry about. Now I just need her to gain weight, but we will evaluate that after she gets out of the cast.

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