Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Fun Day

We headed to the zoo today with some friends.  It was such a beautiful day and the kiddos were on such good behavior.  If you didn't know, Caroline is now on one nap these days.  So, Caroline made it from 7:30-2:00 without a nap and was such a champ.  

Here is Aubrey in the bird exhibit.  You can get little sticks to feed the birds.  Aubrey enjoyed feeding them from a distance, but she didn't want them to sit on her stick while they ate.  Ha!

She is getting so big! 
One would think that Caroline only sits in the stroller when we do outings.  Maybe daddy will take over the camera when I am holding Caroline, so we can prove that she does escape her stroller.
Aubrey and Emilee. 
A different ice cream truck came by this Sunday.  They only sold Popsicles, so guess who was in heaven?  She was so excited to show me her multicolored Popsicle. 
While Aubrey ate her Popsicle outside with Daddy, Caroline chilled with me inside. 

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