Sunday, September 18, 2011

Random Weekend

This weekend I decided that it was out with Hello Kitty and in with the pretty purple Duck Tape.  The kitty tape was getting worn and Rodney wanted less designs on the cast.  I can kind of see his point.  When you put on a dress and a pink G-diaper cover, sometimes the Hello Kitty just screams "Hey, look at my cast!"

I focused my attention on Caroline for 2 minutes and turned around to find Aubrey sitting inside the rice table.  Really?!?! 

Equal parts water and cornstarch poured into a cupcake tin makes fabulous side walk paint.  It is not as thick as the Crayola brand, but it does the job and doesn't cost $10.00.  

Despite the sour face, she had a lot of fun.  My girl likes to give herself tattoos with black marker, so ignore the black drawings all over her. 

Pretty colors.  I added the dye after I poured it into the cupcake tin.
A snowman with legs added by Aubrey.  I might be wanting a little bit of cold weather.
Crazy girl!
Rodney cut and modified a regular swing to fit Caroline.  This swing is just for the garage so that I have a place for Caroline while we play outside with Aubrey.  I used some cool Duck Tape to recover the ugly blue swing.  :o)
Me and my little lady.  I am amazed that she actually has a smile on her face. :o)
I normally wouldn't post a picture like this: hair wet and picture blurry.  However, Aubrey took this and I just love it. 

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