Monday, September 19, 2011


Today we had Caroline's 6 month follow-up for her Nystagmus.  The bad news is that she is going to have eye muscle surgery in the next 6 months.  Basically, before she starts to walk, they want to do the surgery since Nystagmus can interfere with learn to walk.  The good news is that she know has a definite null point so they are able to do the surgery.   They will detach her muscle in her eye and reattach it so that her null point is in the center and not on the right.  By doing this, it keeps her from tilting her head.  She tilts to the right and looks to the left.  She does this to stop the movement of her eyes.  After the surgery, she will have no tilt and very little eye movement.  Some parents say that they can't see any movement at all, others say they can see slight movement when their child gets stressed.  Caroline's eye movement is very obvious, so I am hoping it won't be as obvious after the surgery. 

What happens when you think Caroline's appointment is at 11:30 and it is actually at 10:30? You have a picnic at the park while waiting for your new appointment at 12:45.  Thank goodness it wasn't too hot and that the park had plenty of shaded areas.

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