Wednesday, July 13, 2011


At this very moment, I am savoring every cast free day that we have with Miss Caroline.  As of August 22nd, Caroline will be in the Spica for hopefully only 12 weeks (that brought a tear to my eye).  Originally I thought I wanted this time to go by fast, but I don't want to wish away the last few months before my little baby becomes a 1 year old.  I am happy that we have until the 22nd of August, but a little sad because that means Caroline will be in the cast on her first birthday.  Oh well, we are just going to have a HUGE throw down when Miss Caroline is cast free! 

Rodney got me a 50 1.4 lens for our anniversary.  I think it is funny that he knows that I would much rather have a new lens than jewelry. I am in love with this lens!!  Hopefully I can get Aubrey out one of these evenings and capture some awesome pictures of my sweet 2.5 year old. 

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