Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Years

Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary! I feel like 10 years is a big deal these days.  I don't feel like we have been married forever, but just a significant amount of time to be proud of.  Being a military brat, I really think it is amazing that I have one person in my life that can recall every place that I/we have lived.  We both will never be able to go back to our childhood homes, but we both can remember and reminisce about days past.  
I came into the playroom wearing this purple dress and Aubrey stopped what she was doing and said, "cool dress Mommy!"  One day she will hate what I am wearing, but today I am a cool mom.  :o)

We had a nice dinner without the kiddos!  It was nice to talk, eat and then do whatever we wanted after dinner.  What did we do after dinner??? We went to the grocery store.  We are very exciting people these days.  Ha!

We spent the morning portion of our anniversary taking our little bundles to the Dallas Children's Aquarium.  We even managed to have a picnic outside in the 104 degree weather.  Mom and dad were hot, but the girls didn't seem too bothered by the temp. 

Here is Aubrey feeding and touching the stingray. 

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