Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random iPhone Pictures

 I haven't been very good about getting my pictures off my iPhone recently.  So here is an iPhone dump of all the pictures from the past three weeks.  

I took the girls to the splash park.  Aubrey was unsure at first, but loved it after a few minutes after hanging with her friend Pierce.  Caroline had fun and even got her feet wet.

Aubrey has been getting into Caroline's crib and playing.  I put Caroline in with her and they both played for a few minutes.  I love how Caroline is touching Aubrey's check.
I got your nose!
Aubrey and her favorite backpack
I heard water running in the guest bathroom.  I opened the door and found a naked Aubrey sitting on the counter with her lollipop. I had my phone in my hand because I was talking to Rodney and got off the phone right before opening the door. Priceless!
Love this picture and those big, brown eyes.

All grown up!
Aubrey loves the big kid swing
Caroline and Daddy
Caroline loves the swing!

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