Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hip Dysplasia--A New Journey

We had a 1 month check-up at Scottish Rite this past Thursday to see if her Rhino Cruiser was correcting her hips.  Dr. Birch came in and basically said that she is no better and maybe a little worse in her left hip.  Her only option is a Spica cast for 12 weeks. I cried the most ugly cry every! I was devastated for Caroline.  He told us to get a second opinion and when we feel comfortable, to call them and schedule the procedure.  

We had the second opinion on Friday and the doctor agreed with Dr. Birch.  They did an x-ray and you could see that her left hip just is not correct.  He spoke very highly of Dr. Birch, so that was a little bit of a relief. 

I will call on Monday to see about setting up the procedure.  The procedure (closed reduction) consists of them putting Caroline under anesthesia and inserting a needle with contrast dye into her hip.  If the doctor can get her hip into place, he will then put her in a Spica cast to keep her legs and hips in the correct positions.   If he can not get her hips in the correct position, he will then open up her hip (open reduction) and clean out the socket and do a few other things.  After he is done operating, he will put her in the Spica cast.  Caroline will then be in the cast for 12 weeks with a 6 week cast change in between.  

The hardest part of this is the unknown.  If they do the closed reduction they may need to do a open reduction after 12 weeks.  This would then mean another 12 weeks in a body cast. If they do the open reduction first, she may need another open reduction after 12 weeks.  There is no guarantee that any of this will work the first time, so this potentially means a VERY long time in a cast. 

This has been very emotional!  I know she is going to be okay and we will all adjust, but I am just sad.


  1. I've never commented before (and just found your blog recently) but I thought I'd share my story :) My son was born with a dislocated left hip. He had a closed hip reduction at the age of 6 months. He wore a spica cast for 12 weeks (with a change at the mid-way point). Once he was out he had to wear a brace (soft foam material) for a few weeks and then only at night. He has not had to have any further surgery and he is now 4 1/2 :) He has mild CP with low tone, but he was walking by 2 and running full speed ahead by 3. I hope all goes well for your sweet little girl and she is just as much a success as my son!

  2. Hi Jill! Thanks for commenting as It makes me feel not alone in this journey. I love hearing success stories of closed reductions and not having to have an open reduction later. I hope we are as lucky as your son! -Dana

  3. Hey Jill! I am new to the whole blogging world and just stumbled onto yours while scouring my brain trying to think of where in the world to start with mine. I know exactly what you are going through!
    Our daughter, Cameron (17 mos) had a closed reduction done at TSRH two weeks ago. Her DDH wasn't diagnosed until 15mos and she was already walking (uh..hobbling) and getting into everything. She was in Bryant's Traction for 4 weeks before surgery and that was super hard for us all. Life is a little easier now in the spica, but the last two weeks have drug on... the Dr. told us she will most likely be in a cast for 18 weeks. BUT Cameron is doing SO well! A child's spirit is just amazing. She is all smiles all day. There are hard times at night when she can't get comfy, but it's not too bad. Anyway, I don't want to ramble...I'll save it for my blog. =)
    Just wanted to tell you that your not alone. Things will be just fine and our daughters will still be every bit the little girl they would have been otherwise! The best of luck to your little one.