Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Caroline Bella

Caroline, you are my favorite littlest lady! This past month has been my favorite!  You are really coming into your little personality these days.  You are a spit-fire, little thing and you know exactly what you want. You amaze me everyday with things that you are learning and milestones you are reaching.   You are so happy and really a smiley baby.  You giggle, babble and laugh all the time.  You are content to chill by yourself or be entertained by us or your favorite big sister.  You are the perfect bookend to our little family.
  1. You learned to clap.
  2. You got your first two teeth.
  3. You got out of your Pavlik Harness.
  4. You started rolling from belly to back before the harness, but you showed us you did not forget that skill when you started rolling again two days after being out of the harness.
  5. You can move objects from hand to hand and you love to bang objects together. 
  6. You love to hold your bottle, but you don't want to feed yourself with it.  You get SUPER angry when we take the bottle from you.
  7. You have always loved bath time, but now you love to play with your toys, splash, and have someone dump water so you can try and grab it.
  8. Your hips aren't doing as great, so you are back to sleeping in a Rhino Cruiser at night and during naps. 
  9. You love to babble and have moved on to more consonants.  I love to listen to you babble and discover new sounds. You say your b's, d's and i heard you say your m's once.  
  10. You love for me to sing Sitting In My Highchair (song from Gymboree), but it is the only song that makes your happy when you are completely upset in the car.  Daddy has requested I sing other songs and I do, but you throw a fit until I start singing this song. Ha! 
Caroline, you are a precious little thing and we are having fun watching you grow!

Mommy & Daddy

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