Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Girl and Her Pug

What happens when mommy is getting ready for the day and daddy is not watching a little girl?  Little girl puts Vaseline all of herself, the bedding and the pug. 

I walked out of the bathroom to find this happening on our bed.  My response was to say, "Aubrey Jane!" and then grab my camera for some great memories.  The comforter is ruined, but these memories are seriously priceless.  Holly was in heaven because she loves to lick Vaseline and Aubrey was just having the time of her life.  

We washed an Aubrey, who was still pretty slick, and then gave Holly a bath.  We had to use Dawn dish detergent on her and she still has some Vaseline deep in her fur. 

The joys of being a parent to a very mischievous 2 year old.  hehe

Rodney put in a new faucet and Aubrey was his little helper.  She held the flash light in the right position about 20% of the time.  50% of the time the flash light was pointed at daddy's eyes and then 30% of the time it was pointed at other random places. At least she "helped."

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