Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This littlest lady is GORGEOUS! Those caramel eyes just make me want to eat her.  I seriously can't get enough of her! I am mentally kissing and nibbling those little cheeks at this moment.

I love watching her harness free and able to be...a baby!
She plays with her toes.
Rolls like crazy.
looks adorable in footie pj's since she hasn't worn them in 2 months.
Is content and happy to play on the floor.
loves to chew on any rattle or toy.
Wears the cutest clothes and not just onesies.

The one thing about Caroline is that she smiles all the time.  I hardly have to work for this cute, toothy grin.
She loves the bumbo.  She is all over the place in that thing. 

This face is because she was talking extremely loud and telling me all about her day. She will now screech when she wants food or a toy.  Aubrey stole her cup in the tub and Caroline reached screeching octaves I never knew existed. 

At this point, she is trying to get her arms and legs to work correctly so she can crawl.  I love how fast she is catching on after the harness. She really amazes me everyday with something new she has learned.

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