Monday, May 30, 2011

Bye, Bye Friends

We invited Erin, Steven, Tory and Roni over for a little BBQ and pool time.  The kiddos had a BLAST!  It is amazing how nicely things are starting to flow with 6 kids in the group.  The the infants got in at least one nap and 2 out of the of the toddlers went without naps.  No need to guess which kids made sure she got her nap.  Ha!  Here is the conversation with Aubrey at 3:00 pm.

Aubrey: Go home?
Me: We are home.
Aubrey: Paci?
Me: Do you want a nap?
Aubrey: Night-Night!!!!!
Me: Are you sure?
Aubrey: Paci, night-night
Aubrey then proceeds to wave to her friends and says, "bye, bye friends"

Hahahahaha!  I seriously think we have the only kid on the planet that gives up pool/friend time to ask to take a nap.  I love this girl for knowing and understanding when she is tired.  

Here is Tyler spraying Aubrey with the hose.  Aubrey finally gave up and went down the slide.

Erin made some pie and Aubrey loved it as you can see.

Caroline couldn't be left out!  

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