Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scottish Rite - Update

Today we had our yearly appointment for Caroline's hip dysplasia.  Caroline is back to hating doctors, so she asked to go home (in a super sad voice) the entire time.  Since she is walking, they were able to a standing x-ray that took all of 2 minutes. It was such an improvement from me holding her down and them taking the x-ray.  She got these princess books for being such a great patient even though she was super sad.  I can't say it enough, Scottish Rite is such a great hospital and I am so thankful to people who donate items to the hospital to help make unpleasant procedures just a little easier.

We talked to the doctor and he said her hips looked pretty good.  They aren't perfect, but we have two more years to get them to perfect before we have to go back.  So many things can go right in two years that I am looking forward to an awesome scan in the future.

We couldn't go to Scottish Rite without playing on the playground.

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