Sunday, March 10, 2013

Perot Museum

 We went to the Perot Museum today.  Just opened this year and I would say it is pretty cool.  There are parts that the girls really loved (floor 4 with the dinosaurs) and parts that they just could have cared less about (floor 3 about the earth).  Caroline was amazed by the dinosaurs.  When we first entered, she just looked up and said, "ohhh!"  Aubrey just ran around with Rodney and asked him to pick her up a lot so she could really see everything.  They also have a children's museum which was one of their favorite parts.  They have a construction area where you could load fake boulders.  Every time a boulder made it to the top, Aubrey would give the kid at the bottom a thumbs up.  It was hilarious.  Caroline liked the pattern flower area and found this pretty flower.  She ran up to Rodney and I and said, "purple!"  Overall, I think it was a hit for both us and the girls.

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